Alejandra Gutiérrez Valdizán


Alejandra Gutiérrez Valdizán is a reporter and editor with experience in written, audiovisual and digital journalism. She has focused her career on in-depth and narrative journalism, specializing in issues of human rights, transitional justice, the environment, and security and violence.

She has been a journalist and editorial coordinator at estePaís and at La Revista Diario de Centro América. For five years, until February 2017, she was editor and editorial director of the Guatemalan digital media Plaza Pública, where she designed and coordinated coverage and projects such as coverage of the genocide trial (internationally recognized as a finalist for the Gabriel García Márquez Prize and with a first place by the Inter-American Press Association), the multimedia project “El río negro”, “Megaproyectos”, ConPruebas (a data verification project), the Panama Papers (the Mossack Fonseca case), the Guatemala chapter of “Stolen Memory” on trafficking in national heritage with Ojo Público (Peru), among others.

She is co-director of the documentary short Benedicto (2016), and of Helen (2019). She conceptualized and edited the first three issues of the Plaza book / magazine. She was a researcher for the global project Mapping Digital Media of the Open Society Foundations, the Guatemala chapter (2014).

Her work, individually or as a team, has been a finalist for the Daniel Pearl Awards (2013), the Gabriel García Márquez Prize of the FNPI (2014), and the Inter-American Press Society (2013/2014). She has been a university professor, teaching investigative journalism courses and instructing workshops and trainings on communication, journalism and editorial and digital media management.

She has experience in project design and management, event production, social media and multimedia, and business and human resource management. She is part of the cohort of the Women’s Leadership Accelerator of the Online News Association (ONA) where she participated in training and knowledge exchange at the meetings in Los Angeles, New York and Austin.

She is the co-founder, general coordinator and publisher of Agencia Ocote, an interdisciplinary communication platform. She is a national facilitator of the media self-regulation project sponsored by Niras and AIDS (from the Swedish government). In December 2017, she co-founded Agencia Ocote, where she is the director. At Agencia Ocote she designs, coordinates and edits the journalistic projects of Agencia Ocote and manages the communication, investigation and editorial services of the Servicios Ocote company.