Abraham Rubio
Marco Antonio López
Juan Luis García
Nayeli Valencia

Mexican Journalists awarded Bajo la Lupa 2021 Investigative Reporting Grant

Bajo la Lupa has awarded a 2021 investigative reporting grant to a team of Mexican journalists whose winning proposal outlines a detailed portrait of the Mexican military, which has become the right hand of the Mexican presidency and an important ally to the United States in the fight against drug cartels.

The journalists are founders of the independent online news site, based in Mexico City and at the U.S.-Mexico border, that conducts in-depth reporting on national events made compelling by narrative storytelling.


Aldo Benitez
Aldo Benitez

Paraguayan Journalist Wins First Bajo La Lupa Investigative Reporting Grant

InquireFirst is excited to announce that Paraguayan journalist Aldo Benítez has been awarded our first investigative reporting grant for an environmental project which he will produce as part of our Bajo la Lupa initiative to support investigative journalism by Latin American journalists.

The judges said Benítez’s proposal “addresses matters of great public interest, which in one way or another directly impact people’s lives.”